Recommended Procurement Webinars Oct 19-23: Third Party Risk, Lasting Supplier Diversity, Resilience v. Immunity


This is the time of year when it becomes all too easy to count down the days and weeks left on the calendar. By my count, we have about 8 solid weeks remaining – when you allow for Thanksgiving and the natural phase out towards Christmas. 8 weeks… that’s either good news or bad news depending on your perspective.

If you are planning your procurement webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend “Digitally-enabled people for insight, resilience, and innovation” from Tradeshift and Spendency on November 10th.

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Managing Third Parties in a High-Risk Environment (Coupa, Deloitte)

October 21, 12n ET

There is an important additional detail on this webinar that we get when reading the full description instead of just the title: “third party ecosystems.” That is a critical distinction because we all know full well that the days of managing linear supply chains one ‘link’ at a time are over – at least for anyone who wants to stay in business profitably and predictably. In this event, Kristian Park, author of Deloitte’s Extended Enterprise Risk Management Survey, and Ryan Flynn, author of Deloitte’s Global CPO Survey, will discuss new Deloitte research into third party risk management and forward-looking trends.


Building lasting supplier diversity programs (Fairmarkit,

October 21, 1pm ET

Have you ever wondered how companies like MIT, Salesforce, Delta Air Lines, and The Coca-Cola Company manage their supplier diversity programs? Well, this is your opportunity. And since diverse suppliers are often (although not always) smaller companies, procurement has a responsibility to make sure that our efforts to streamline the spend management process don’t overlook their potentially transformative value.


Resilience vs Immunity – Creating the optimum supplier sourcing strategy (Coupa, Procurement Leaders) 

October 23, 10am ET

Now that we are all abundantly aware just how fragile our supply chains are, what are we prepared to do moving forward. There certainly has been a lot of discussion of resiliency – even more than transformation in the last 6 months – but Coupa and Procurement Leaders are suggesting that we push for more: immunity. But is this possible? In this webinar, Niklas Klarnskou, Head of Procurement Process & Digitalisation at CRH, and Jacob Larsen, Director of Digital Procurement at Maersk, will discuss this question and more in the context of the post 2020 world.





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