Recommended Webinars July 9-13: Supply Chain Vulnerability, State of Outsourcing, Leading Procurement


After last week’s hiatus, we’re back with a full slate of webinars. If you’re looking to plan a little longer term than just this week, I recommend checking out “Don’t Go Chasing Unicorns” from Procurious and SAPAriba (a #ProcurewithPurpose webinar) on July18th at 2pm ET.

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How to Effectively Identify, Manage & Mitigate Risks in the End-to-End Supply Chain (BCI Global, SCN Radio, Talent Stream, APICS Atlanta)

July 10th, 12n ET

In the description for this event, there is a point about “supply chain vulnerability”. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to describe risk – especially ones that aren’t straight negative – and this fits the bill. In addition to spotlighting “vulnerability”, Carlo Peters, Senior Consultant at BCI Global, will talk about how to gain insight, where to invest, and how to assess your company’s current ability to determine the current level of supply chain exposure.


The State Of Operations And Outsourcing In 2018 (HfS Research)

July 12th, 11am ET

With all of the high-brow discussions of RPA and ‘talent management’, I feel like it’s been a long time since anyone talked about plain old outsourcing. In this webinar, HfS Research and KPMG will share the results of their seminal annual study – one that they say will “reveal the pace of disruption and change the world's leading enterprises are experiencing.”


What does it take to lead procurement? (CIPS)

July 12th, 1pm ET

In this webinar, VP of Operations Americas at CIPS (and good friend) Bill Michels will talk about the needs he’s seeing - specifically in procurement leadership roles. For every change to procurement processes, technology, talent, objectives, and strategy, there is an even larger shift in what CPOs need to be capable of.



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