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Sept 19-23: The Great Resignation, CFO Relevance, Risk v. Cost


Last week’s new episode of Dial P for Procurement was our monthly video interview – and my guest had a fascinating point of view to share. Tom Burke is the COO of ButcherBox, a membership service that delivers high quality protein to consumer’s homes. And yes, you guessed it, they were bombarded with new applications at the start of the pandemic. How did they handle it and how have they fared since? Listen to or watch my interview here.

If you are planning your virtual procurement event schedule beyond this week, I recommend ‘Financial solutions to your supplier ecosystem from Procurement Leaders and Citi’ on September 28th at 10am ET.

And now for this week’s recommendations…


Could the Great Resignation Lead to BETTER Procurement Talent? (Art of Procurement & Corcentric)

September 20th, 11am ET

I led a LinkedIn poll in the lead up to this AOP Live session which asked, “When your procurement team is short on headcount, how do you fill the gap?” A whopping 59% of respondents said they just work harder. My jaw is still on the floor – click here to review the full poll results and click the title of this event to join us live for further discussion of how the Great Resignation may be affecting procurement talent for the better!


The Relevant CFO: How Finance Leaders can Adapt and Scale when Uncertainty Becomes Permanent (Workday)

September 21st, 1pm ET

Procurement is constantly working to make the case that our contributions can go way beyond savings, but I never expected the CFO to have to justify their relevance… Given the number of procurement teams that are accountable to and regularly collaborate with finance, I think there will be some valuable information in this session featuring Brian Sommer, Software Industry Analyst at TechVentive, Inc.


Why Choose Between Reducing Risk or Optimizing Costs? (Supply Chain Now & Verusen)

September 22nd, 12n ET

Yes, risk is bad and supply chain disruption is worse. But that doesn’t necessarily mean our solutions can cost more. How realistic is it to think that we can reduce risk and still maintain cost effectiveness? Join Paul Noble, Founder and CEO of Verusen, and Daryl Lu, their Chief of Staff and VP of Operations, as well as my Supply Chain Now friends Scott Luton and Greg White for a discussion about how to bridge the capabilities gap between procurement and operations initiatives.




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