Webinar Recommendations for July 13 – 17, 2015: Spend as a Service, Attacking Capital Wasters, and the Global Organization

Webinar Recommendations for July 13 – 17, 2015: Spend as a Service, Attacking Capital Wasters, and the Global Organization

There are three events taking place this week, and they are all worth attending. Click on the title of each event below to view the full description in our events calendar and connect to their registration pages.


PureSpend – Sourcing and Spend Visibility as a Service (SIG, Denali)

7/14, 2:00pm EDT

These days, if you can buy it, you can pay for it as a service – spend analysis included. In this webinar, Denali’s Grant Dearborn will talk about how their new solution delivers business intelligence with their own assessment methodology to speed up the time and minimize the effort required to go from spend information to spend intelligence. Denali’s PureSpend was announced in March of this year, and although there hasn’t been much press coverage of it to date, this approach to generating spend intelligence is one we should be informed about.


Preserving Precious Capital… Attacking the SEVEN Most Significant "Capital Wasters" in Your Company (Manufacturing Executive Institute)

7/16, 10am EDT

This event is a perfect example of the bigger picture perspective procurement needs to take about their role in the enterprise. Waste is a reality in any organization, and if we can help the executive team find ways to eliminate waste and reduce operating costs, we should do it – even if it doesn’t align perfectly with our performance metrics. The other smart point MEI makes in the event description is that “Preserving enterprise capital through waste elimination is EVERY manager’s and leader’s job!” As a result, capital preservation is something we should expect to be a cross functional relationship – an effort we want to be prepared to take an active role in.


Defining the Global Organization (Supply Chain Insights)

7/16, 11am EDT

Some of my favorite events are put together by Supply Chain Insights, and lately they have been focused on career development and planning. This webinar takes a higher level perspective than their last event, looking at the overall organization rather than just individual careers. Join this webinar to gain insights from a panel of senior supply chain leaders as they discuss strategies that worked for them and the advice that they give to their teams.



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