Webinar Recommendations for June 22-26, 2015: 21st Century Spend Analysis, Supply Chain Careers, and the Procurement Talent Gap

Webinar Recommendations for June 22-26, 2015: 21st Century Spend Analysis, Supply Chain Careers, and the Procurement Talent Gap

This week, there are 12 events taking place – 8 of which are on Thursday. That sort of line up makes it really hard to pick just a few to recommend (not that it stopped me…) Click on the title of each event below to view the full description in our events calendar and connect to the registration pages.


Supercharge Your Procurement Operation’s Performance with 21st Century Spend Analytics (Rosslyn Analytics)

6/24, 11am EDT

In this age of doing more with less, I like the idea of using a tool we currently have in hand to accomplish new things. Think of it as doing new with old. The more data you can pull into a single system that allows you to use it to get consistent visibility, the more you can attempt. This event has an additional twist in that it features Vince Patriarco, Executive Director of E&I Consulting Group, Bob Valencic, Rosslyn Analytics' Higher Education Strategic Accounts Leader, and spend analytics champion and evangelist Kevin Maloney of the University of Pittsburgh, who will share his institution’s recent successes in the area of spend analytics.


Taking Charge of Your Career (Supply Chain Insights)

6/25, 11am EDT

Here is why I want to know what recommendations the Supply Chain Insights team has for my (or your) career: they’ve done some very cool things with their own. From insightful publications to the supply chain index to primo speaking engagements, Supply Chain Insights attracts and associates with the cream of the crop. In this panel discussion they will take the forces of supply chain uncertainty and, rather than talking about how we need to manage them on behalf of our organization, look at how we should re-skill ourselves to handle them successfully.


Procurement Guide: Strategies for Closing Procurement’s Critical Skills Gap (Zycus, Hackett Group)

6/25, 2pm EDT

Talent always seems to be a top level topic for CPOs and other procurement leaders, so clearly this is a challenge we have yet to overcome. In this event, Patrick Connaughton, Sr. Research Director at The Hackett Group and Kanishka Ghosh, Director of Product Management at Zycus will look at the talent gap, measuring performance and improvement, and steps we can take to narrow the gap. Perhaps the most interesting part of the presentation will be their review of the expected demand for procurement skills going forward. Let’s hope they consider demand levels both inside and outside of procurement.



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