Posted on the Determine blog on March 20, 2018

In a recent blog post here on Determine, I shared my list of 10 questions I think every procurement team should ask at all solution provider demos. Some of them you’d probably expect, like questions about integration and the administration of configuration settings. Others you might not have thought of, for instance asking to what degree the company “takes their own medicine” by using the technology themselves.

This list of questions is based on my time in two specific roles: first as a procurement practitioner when I was on a team tasked with selecting and implementing an eSourcing suite; and second, from my time as a consultant at a procurement solution provider where our team was often called to participate in the sales process.

I’m assuming that most procurement professionals haven’t had the experience of being on the sales side of a bid process in their current role. It is most interesting when your company wins the deal. Obviously, winning is more fun than not winning, but that’s not it. When you go from prospect to partner, you get the opportunity to reflect on the selection process in the context of the priorities and maturity of your newly won customer.

There are three areas of functionality that we were routinely grilled about, and which at least 90% of companies were not prepared to use.

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