This content was published on the Determine blog on August 13, 2019

I’ve participated in many procurement technology implementations – and not always in the same role. Like most people, my experience began on the receiving end of new technology for which I had no say in the selection or configuration. From there I moved to a leadership role on a team tasked with selecting and implementing a sourcing suite for the first time. A few years later, I was part of a consulting team at a solution provider where I regularly assisted in or led implementations as part of procurement program (re)design projects.

There are as many tales of resounding implementation successes as there is evidence that Bigfoot is real and living in your Aunt Lydia’s backyard. All we ever seem to hear about are failures and slip-ups. Do we secretly want our implementations to fail? No. Unfortunately, until now, we’ve mostly addressed the symptoms rather than the root cause of implementation problems.

And what is that root cause? Conference rooms.

If you’re going to hold an implementation meeting or planning session, the natural first step is to book a room (or set up a conference line). Then the central team members go to that room at the appointed time along with a representative of the solution provider…and…close the door. Did you hear that click or swoosh or bang? That was the sound of your implementation success hopes dying.

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