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Stopped in Your Tracks! Why Supply Chain Resilience Has Become a Critical Competence and How to Excel at It (ISM)
Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 02:00pm - 03:00pm
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The ability to manage supplier risk and supply chain risk has become a critical competence for organizations.

Companies are highly outsourced with suppliers spread out across the globe, yet firms' knowledge of their suppliers and the environments they operate in is often limited and out-of-date, crippling their ability to successfully and proactively respond to the dynamics of their supply base. This has introduced substantially more risk in global businesses. How well a company manages those risks, in a timely fashion, can have huge repercussions, even impacting their market share and ultimate success and failure as a business. Though supply chain risk and resilience has been talked about for years, few manufactures have made the necessary investments required to effectively manage their risks.

In this session, we will present findings from research on Supply Chain Risk and Resilience.

You will learn:

  • Differences between the best run companies and typical companies in how they manage their supply chain risks and how they fare in disrupting events.
  • Quantifying the ROI of supplier risk management
  • Types of supplier risks and how to manage them
  • Supplier risk mitigation strategies in practice
  • Roles of third parties in successful supplier risk management

This is a 'must attend' event for anyone who has responsibility for managing their supply chain and suppliers, and ensuring the quality and continuity of supply.

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