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About Buyers Meeting Point

Buyers Meeting Point was founded in 2008-2009 by procurement professionals Cindy Allen-Murphy and Kelly Barner. The original vision was to create a central location for the information and events procurement needs to do their job – a buyers’ meeting point.

As the volume of resources began to grow, it became necessary to start curating them – before the term was commonly used in social media. That led to the rise of the blog, weekly event recommendations, book reviews, and editorial content.

In 2015, Kelly Barner became sole owner of the business and continued to grow relationships with brand partners and the extent of the content created to support the procurement community. This was also the year that we forged a partnership with Art of Procurement – a close relationship that continues to this day.

Still led by Managing Director Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point continues to offer the insights and information procurement professionals need to perform despite challenging circumstances and to imagine the “art of the impossible” as Art of Procurement Founder and Managing Director Philip Ideson often says.

Buyers Meeting Point provides the procurement industry with an events calendar, informational and editorial content, and an active social media network, all of which are trusted sources of information for practitioners and solution providers alike.

In 2017, Kelly took on a formal role at Art of Procurement and today she is a Partner as well as Head of Content and Operations.

In 2020, Buyers Meeting Point acquired, a website with its roots in Purchasing Magazing designed to provide purchasing and procurement management professionals with the information required to keep their companies competitive in a dynamic global marketplace. This acquisition not only made MyPurchasingCenter's content available once again, it also preserved a respected industry brand and added to the Buyers Meeting Point social media footprint.

In 2023, Art of Procurement officially acquired Buyers Meeting Point and MyPurchasingCenter creating a multi-brand, multi-channel procurement and supply management-focused media organization supported by a community of over 50,000 procurement and supply chain professionals and a back catalog of over 2,500 freely available podcasts, videos, and educational articles.

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