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WEBINAR: Rx Digital Transformation: The Prescription for Pharmaceutical Supply Chains Post COVID-19 (GEP)
Thursday, March 25, 2021, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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The pandemic is imposing its demands within pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing supply chains. The dire need for vaccines is forcing expansion of production on an already-strained global contract manufacturing base. And, it’s happening at unprecedented pace. 

Plus, the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t the only drug on the market … So, it’s a precarious balancing act. Priorities are in constant flux. It’s a good business problem to have, of course, but it’s not without hurdles to clear. 

Raw material tracking. Cycle-time reduction. Quality management inspections. On-time delivery. How are manufacturers managing to do it all in this overloaded environment? 

In this timely webinar, you’ll hear from top industry thought leaders, including Dr. Rob Handfield of North Carolina State University who will discuss the current challenges and best practices. Granular visibility paired with technological agility are critical to success. With so many parties needing to be synchronized, manufacturers require an accessible and data-driven line of sight with strong support systems and advanced intelligence — especially as demand and suppliers shift quickly and frequently. 

On the Agenda

  • Solving the visibility and resiliency challenges in today’s manufacturing production
  • The value of innovative forecast demand, PO and supply collaboration software
  • The advantages and effects of AI/ML and automation on cycle time
  • New ways of streamlining quality inspection reporting and approval processes



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