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WEBINAR: Driving cost savings and agility with e-auctions: Lessons from Maersk (Coupa)
Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 05:00am - 06:00am
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Sourcing rates from suppliers is a core part of what procurement is doing and often competition can help to ensure that procurement achieves the best possible market price. The easiest way to enable multiple suppliers to negotiate for your business digitally is by using e-auctions.

Join this Supply Management Insider webinar, produced in partnership with Coupa, to hear from Jacob Gorm Larsen, author of ‘A Practical Guide to E-Auctions for Procurement’, on how Sourcing and Procurement teams at Maersk – a global leader in transportation and logistics – have been able to deliver double-digit savings over more than years using digital sourcing and procurement, including e-Auctions.

 Register for this free webinar to learn:

  • The value created by an e-auction with examples from the e-auction journey at Maersk
  • What it takes to be successful with e-auctions and how to design your e-auction strategy
  • Why the future of procurement is digital
  • What people, processes, and technology you need to advance your procurement maturity to bring agility and savings to your company