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WEBINAR: Setting the Standard for Supply Chain Security (Supply Chain Now, TIA, TNS)
Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 12:00pm - 01:00pm
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The world is becoming more software driven and while it’s helping accelerate innovation, it’s also increasing risk. Service providers, equipment manufacturers and the various suppliers in the information communications technology (ICT) industry are seeing a sharp rise in breaches and attacks through the infiltration of downstream suppliers of software as well as hardware, and professional services. However, a new process-based standard, SCS 9001, is in development by the members of TIA with the goal of helping businesses lock these attackers out. Due for release later in 2021, this new process-based standard is poised help companies and better protect their internal operations and identify verified trusted suppliers (and their suppliers’ suppliers) for network solutions. By certifying their internal operations and verifying trusted suppliers and products and services, life will soon be much harder and success far more expensive for the suspected nation-states and crime syndicates behind these devastating attacks. In addition, the standard will include a collection of security performance measurements for aggregation of anonymous benchmark results to help drive continual industry improvement.

Join us as we discuss why this new industry standard is especially critical for new 5G and IoT networks that are aiming to connect everything from our coffee makers to our cars.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Ken Koffman, EVP and CTO of TIA
  • Dave Sanicola, President and CEO of The DESARA Group

Moderated by: Kevin L. Jackson, SVP of Total Network Service and host of Digital Transformers on Supply Chain Now



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