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WEBINAR: How Frictionless Contracts Are the Future (Procurious, Agiloft)
Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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Picture this, it’s the future and a new global health crisis arises. We’ve been here before, but are we any better prepared this time around?  What lessons did we learn from 2020 and how can we future proof our supplier contracts?

As procurement professionals we’re obsessed with our relationships, particularly those with our stakeholders, but rarely do we see the relationship between Legal and Procurement take centre stage. 

With the impacts of Covid-19 on businesses, supply chains, and traditional legal contracts now being realised, new innovations and opportunities will bring us closer to our much-loved colleagues in the legal department. Frictionless contracts are the way of the future, but how do we get there?

Join Danielle Haugland, Global Alliance Director, Agiloft and Madeline Paris, Director of Enterprise Technology Support, Covenant Logistics Group as they examine how our relationship with the legal team and the development of contracts will evolve in a post-pandemic world and well into the future.

We’ll be discussing:

  • How contracts are enduring the current pandemic climate
  • Tips for more effective contracting in the new normal
  • The evolving relationship between procurement, sales and legal
  • How to cater to different department dynamics and bring them together to help produce and manage the optimal contract
  • The best practice process for developing contracts between multiple parties
  • Frictionless contracts- what they are and how we get them



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