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WEBINAR: Building smarter procurement: Effectively managing a responsible supply base (Coupa, Procurement Leaders)
Tuesday, June 01, 2021, 10:00am - 11:00am
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Now is the time to build smarter procurement and accelerate the maturity of your business by focusing more on the strategic priorities and values that will drive positive business impact.  

Your business’ values should be reflected in your supply chain: if you aim for resilience, diversity, ethical and innovative practices, the supply base you work with needs to support that. 

This live webinar looks at the steps a modern function needs to take to assess and act to create this kind of change in its suppliers, starting with the data it needs to access, right through to tracing impact on the business.

Join the session to learn about what robust transparency looks like and how your procurement team should be thinking differently in its approach to supplier relationships to drive results. Our panel will discuss:

  • How to ensure your supplier base upholds key business values including your ESG strategy.
  • How technology, data and AI can enable you to work more effectively with suppliers. 
  • The importance of diversifying your supply base to mitigate risk.



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