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WEBINAR: HFS Leadership Live: EXL CEO Rohit Kapoor and Phil Fersht on How Data Plus People Make Magic (HfS Research)
Thursday, June 24, 2021, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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In a OneOffice organization, human performance is augmented by technology to unleash creativity and humanity, and the immediacy of data creates insights to support decision-making that can determine a firm’s future success or failure. For the first time in decades, process designers and tech people are working together to build the tech platform that enables them to deliver on these ideals – requiring a cloud-first approach, with automation as a native competency and data is the strategy driving it all.

EXL is a billion dollar services organization which is helping its clients rethink processes to drive their business forward in this new economy, using data to drive the strategy.  HFS CEO Phil Fersht will talk live with EXL’s CEO Rohit Kapoor and tackle the following topics:

  • Is making the leap into cloud just lip-service, or is it actually happening in this economy?
  • How are business services shaping up with this pivot to a virtual OneOffice organization?
  • How is data driving enterprise strategy – both internally and externally?
  • Has the pandemic driven automation and AI progress, or are we treading water waiting for “normality” to return?
  • What role does diversity and sustainability play in a OneOffice journey? Are we making progress?



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