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WEBINAR: Taking a BOLD and Focused Approach to Transforming Indirect P2P at Clorox (AOP, WNS Denali, The Clorox Company)
Tuesday, September 07, 2021, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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‘Fortune favors the bold,’ as the old Latin proverb says, a sentiment that the leadership team at The Clorox Company has taken to heart. Being bold is a core value in their organization, and their procurement team has embraced their IGNITE strategy, especially as it pertains to reimagining work to improve its indirect procurement operating model. Everyone in the organization is being encouraged to be part of the effort by ‘leading with their head, heart and guts.’

In this AOP Live session, we will be joined by Kathy Thrasher, a Senior Procurement Manager at The Clorox Company. She was tagged to step away from her normal day-to-day sourcing responsibilities to help improve the operating model for indirect procurement based upon her experience deploying global eProcurement solutions. She and the team were successful because while they were focused on implementing the technology, they also updated their processes and operational workflows - creating a full holistic ecosystem transformation.

Kathy Thrasher and Mike Caldron, Senior Group Manager at WNS Denali, will answer your live questions about:

  • How companies of all sizes can prepare for the digital shift in your procurement operating model
  • Why it is critical to invest in the right operating model for procurement, including formal procurement talent, processes, and technologies
  • The change management strategies and tactics that enable successful P2P deployments, whether a team is in the office or working remotely
  •  What support infrastructure is critical for maintaining long-term project success



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