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Mastermind LIVE Fall: Reinventing the Procurement Experience (Art of Procurement)
From Tuesday, October 26, 2021 -  10:00am
To Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - 01:00pm
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Gone are the days of gathering up low-hanging fruit, speeding up misinformed buying decisions, pushing suppliers away, and measuring our impact in terms of compliance. The future trajectory of procurement is dependent upon the experience we are able to create for stakeholders and suppliers.

If that seems like a lofty goal, you’re not alone. Join us at Mastermind LIVE Fall 2021 from 10am - 1pm ET on October 26 and 27 as we hear from a range of experts from companies like Deloitte, BT, The Hackett Group, Qualtrics, and more who can provide the insight needed to build the experience we’ve always wanted to deliver.

“AOP Mastermind is the most thought-provoking event in procurement” - CPO level attendee, Mastermind LIVE Fall 2020.



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