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Three Problems that Will Make Your P2P Implementation Fail (Art of Procurement and Corcentric)
Tuesday, April 12, 2022, 11:00am
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Procurement teams have been trying to usher in change and efficiency using P2P technology for decades - so why do so many of these implementations either fail or fall short of ROI expectations?

The majority of these failures are the result of three problems observed across industries and organizational maturity levels: 

Common problem #1: Procurement selects and implements solutions that they believe are best fit based on their naturally limited knowledge of processes and requirements, but they don’t seek enough input from the business - effectively (if unintentionally) excluding important opinions. 

Common problem #2: Procurement works with the business to implement a solution, not for what it was designed to do, but for what they want it to do - often because of unaddressed issues with underlying business processes.

Common problem #3: Procurement forgets to address the supplier experience: enablement, onboarding, messaging, and everyday usability. This leads to pervasive issues such as duplicate invoices and supplier non-compliance. To make matters worse, supplier complaints are usually directed to the business - not procurement - creating yet more user dissatisfaction. 

In all of these cases, procurement’s ability to lead a successful change management initiative comes into question. And while no one really likes change, it is the management piece of change management that poses the greatest challenge of all.

During this AOP Live session, Joe Payne, SVP, Source-to-Pay and Jennifer Ulrich, Senior Director, Advisory from Corcentric will answer your live questions about:

  • Why companies continue to struggle with their P2P implementations 
  • The forms of ROI that C-level leaders beyond procurement expect to see from P2P, and how procurement can deliver them 
  • The specific investments in change management that can increase BOTH the likelihood of P2P implementation success and also increased ROI


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