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WEBINAR: CPO Rising 2022: The Data Revolution (Keelvar, Ardent Partners)
Wednesday, June 08, 2022, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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Procurement today is operating within a very challenging business environment wrought with sizable operational and supply chain challenges and inflationary pressures unseen in decades. Now is the time for CPOs and their teams to rise up and join the fight for greater intelligence and the ability to drive smarter decisions and better outcomes.

Ardent Partners’ 17th annual State of Procurement and The CPO report explores how procurement leaders and their teams can best drive new value, as savings, efficiencies, and resiliency continue to be top of mind as procurement becomes ever-more strategic to the business.

This webinar focuses on many of the technology-related discoveries from Ardent Partners’ 2022 report. Hear from Ardent’s Chief Researcher and Founder, Andrew Bartolini along with report sponsor Keelvar’s founder and CEO Alan Holland, as they discuss:

• The impact that procurement continues to make despite strong headwinds
• The intense focus on and prioritization of managing and mitigating supply risk
• How automation can play an important role in navigating a high inflation environment
• Key performance and operational metrics that CPOs and other procurement leaders can use to benchmark their organizations