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Growth, Agility and Maturity – Achieving the 3 keys to success (Proactis.)
Tuesday, June 14, 2022, 05:00am
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Being able to build an organisation poised for growth relies on getting the fundamentals right. Much of being able to do that depends on engaging with the right people and asking the right questions. The more difficult element is understanding who they are and what those questions should be. Focusing on the three keys to success of growth, agility and maturity will ensure that your organisation stays on the right path to success and resilience.

In this webinar, Ellen Leith (Purchase-to-Pay Network), Andy Hamilton (Proactis) and Peter Morley (Moore Insight), will discuss the questions you need to consider. They’ll also discuss whether there is a connection between an organisation’s P2P maturity level and their ability to support the enterprise through increased agility. They will answer questions about:

  • Whether maturity naturally leads to agility or if it can allow P2P to become set in their ways.
  • The pivotal role that visibility plays in enabling agility.
  • How growth flourishes on the back of tighter controls.
  • Why data is one thing, but clean data is another.
  • Can there ever be such a thing as “too much agility?”


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