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The Connected Enterprise: Leveraging CLM as a Digital Bridge (SirionLabs & World Commerce & Contracting)
Tuesday, June 14, 2022, 11:00am
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The Connected Enterprise: Leveraging CLM as a Digital Bridge

It’s widely acknowledged today that contracts sit at the center of the business. By streamlining the contracting process, organizations can enable a more connected and collaborative interface between enterprise functions including legal, procurement, finance, sales, IT, etc.

Despite this significant opportunity, most organizations continue to operate with a siloed, disconnected approach to their contracts. A key reason holding them back is the complexity of business processes.

This is now beginning to change with the new generation of AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology which can be architected to seamlessly merge with critical enterprise functions. This simplifies inter-departmental collaboration by creating a centralized platform connecting people, integrating systems and data, and facilitating the flow of intelligence across the enterprise.

Join this webinar to discover how modern CLM technology is helping enterprises connect like never before to streamline collaboration, improve agility and drive improved business performance. The webinar panel features Paul Branch, Chief Networking Officer, WorldCC and Puneet Bhakri, SVP – Alliances, SirionLabs.


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