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Driving Digital Contract Transformation ROI (Procurement Leaders & Sirion Labs)
Tuesday, October 04, 2022, 10:00am - 11:00am
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How CLM Can Maximize Value of Your DX Strategy

As economic uncertainties continue, achieving ROI on digital transformation initiatives has become crucial to enterprise leaders. Integration of people, processes and technology is at the heart of most digital transformation strategies. Yet 70% of initiatives still fail to unlock true value in the areas of efficiencies, productivity, savings, and revenue capture.  

In this webinar featuring experts from Procurement Leaders, SirionLabs and KPMG, we’ll explore some of the key challenges to DX projects and see how contract lifecycle management (CLM) as a core element of your digitalization program can address them and significantly increase your opportunity for DX success, providing faster and greater ROI.  

Hear how a global telecommunications company achieved €16M hard savings from its Digital Contract Transformation initiative and discover: 

  • Best strategies to create a solid business case 
  • A plan of action to bring CLM at the centre of your digital transformation 
  • Sure-fire ways to optimize ROI from your CLM-backed digital transformation strategy 
  • Key ingredients of a successful CLM implementation 

Register for the webinar and additionally receive the ‘Best Practices Guide to Get Your Digital Contract Transformation Strategy Right”.