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transformation is the only way for CFOs to thrive! (Proactis)
Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 09:00am
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Businesses invest millions in transformation and technology, and despite efficiency savings, unless you can manage yourself, and inspire your team through change and disruption, your project is likely to fail.

Placing people at the centre of your transformation projects is the #1 key to success however, it’s a fine balancing act of bringing people and technology together to ensure a harmonious adoption of new systems.

With the current market volatility, there are complex problems placing unprecedented demands on leadership and teams alike.

So how do you adopt a transformational mindset to encourage agility of your team and the continued success of your transformation projects?

Join us at GENCFO talks, with Richard Hughes, CFO, Proactis and Chris Argent, MD and Founder of GENCFO to explore:
  • How to adapt your mindset to ensure you, your team and any transformation project thrives in times of change and uncertainty.
  • People centred digital leadership - placing people at the centre of your digital protects and ensuring an agile mindset.
  •  Leading and motivating your teams through times of crisis
  • Using technology as an enabler, promoting streamlined processes, and increasing user adoption to create a more controlled and efficient work environment to promote positive outcomes for all team members.