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Effective talent strategies to lead through the Polycrisis (Procurement Leaders & SAP)
Tuesday, March 28, 2023, 10:00am - 11:00am
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The business, geopolitical and social-economic phase we are living through has been called the ‘polycrisis‘ – a time in which multiple global events have become entwined with each other, with the resulting complexity far greater than the sum of individual events themselves. Put simply, one event feeds another, which can have unpredictable knock effects for other global systems, which in turn feed into other systems, and so on. The result is a dizzying melting pot of critical issues to manage – from scarcity to inflation, to energy crises, geopolitical posturing and war.

All these events are linked and, to some extent, fuel each other in a never-ending – and deepening – cycle of volatility and uncertainty. And it’s within this environment that procurement and supply chain executives are playing a leading role in helping their organisations to navigate a secure path.

In the first of our quarterly webinar series, Procurement Leaders and SAP will explore the approaches being deployed by CPO’s in their talent strategy to succeed during the Polycrisis including:

  • How greater employee engagement, retention, and talent attraction to organisations can positively boost the bottom line & improve customer experience
  • What procurement leaders can do to overcome the ongoing talent shortage and how they can attract and retain top employees
  • How a lack of sufficient resources for procurement functions may force CPO’s to a step backwards if leaders cannot to develop the kind of value-added capabilities they desire in their teams
  • How, in economic headwinds, to best to find, engage, and manage external workers as a pillar of your strategy
  • How to leverage emerging technologies to ensure teams have meaningful data available in an actionable format to help supercharge the influence of each team member and maximise resources