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Reducing Forecast Risk with Supply Chain Flexibility (Harvard Business Review)
Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 12:00pm - 12:30pm
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“Forecasts are inherently wrong.”

This statement comes from a recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, summarizing a survey of 459 global business leaders, which found that few respondents (only 8%) are “very satisfied” with their organization’s demand forecast accuracy. The majority (69%) say their organization’s demand forecasts have been below 80% accurate over the past three years.

Because forecasts are inherently wrong, organizations frequently make supply chain decisions and investments based on incorrect data.  

On May 24, in a live, interactive HBR-AS webinar, Alex Clemente will summarize findings from this forecasting accuracy challenges and costs survey. He will be joined by Flexe’s Karl Siebrecht and Jordan Lawrence to discuss the business implications and how organizations adapt to forecast uncertainty. This webinar will examine:

  • Forecast accuracy data and insights
  • Why forecast inaccuracy can be so detrimental to businesses
  • How supply chain flexibility helps businesses adapt and grow despite forecast uncertainty
  • Examples of successfully navigating forecasting risk

In an environment of unreliable forecasts, organizations recognize the value of supply chain flexibility to quickly alter production, adapt to disruptions, or change distribution strategies to meet demand. Building this requires a new approach to logistics and supply chain management.

On May 24, join HBR-AS, Karl Siebrecht and Jordan Lawrence of Flexe to discuss supply chain strategies that minimize the impact of forecasting inaccuracy.