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Using Digital Innovation to Transform Supply Chains and Achieve ESG Excellence (Procurement Leaders & Sphera)
Thursday, October 26, 2023, 10:00am - 10:45am
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Is your company flirting with risk and disaster? Supply chain risks are changing rapidly. At the same time, companies are expected to conduct themselves more ethically, responsibly and sustainably. With so many moving parts, and often conflicting drivers, understanding the risks within the supply chain has never been more important. To meet these needs, procurement leaders are looking for a comprehensive technology-based solution that is easy to use as a dating app.

Join Heiko Schwarz, Global Risk Advisor at Sphera and Cyril Pourrat, Founder & CEO at BT Sourced for an honest, insightful and lively discussion on ways to future-proof your supply chain for 2024. Be a part of the dialogue through our poll and open Q&A session! Here is a sneak preview of topics we will explore.

We discuss how digitalization helps you achieve ESG excellence in the face of supply chain challenges:

  • Gain a total view of risk: Uncover human rights violations, climate threats, cyber risks and more to avoid disruption and protect your reputation.
  • Achieve transparency:  Why you need N-tier visibility to ensure ESG compliance and business continuity.
  • Embrace technology: Find out about powerful digital tools to automate risk management processes that can be implemented quickly.
  • Manage change: Discover effective ways to implement a “digital first” mindset, making the process simpler and more agile as well as how to motivate people.
  • Drive innovation: Learn how BT Sourced completely reframed the way the company does procurement, focusing on best-in-breed, multiple tools and technologies including blockchain, robotics and artificial intelligence. Find out how BT Sourced has digitally transformed procurement and trains employee skills with risk simulation workshops.