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P2P: What "Good" Looks Like (And Why it Matters) (Tradeshift)
Wednesday, November 08, 2023, 10:00am
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Sometimes we get buried in operationals - the "day-to-day" of P2P is often so complex, it distracts us from asking and answering some fundamental questions, like:

  • Why are we operating like this?
  • How would today's operation score if measured?
  • Where are we going?
  • What does "good" look like?
  • Am I using the “right” KPIs today and how do they drive the right behaviours up and downstream?
  • How might we confidently “cross the chasm”?

Discussing and addressing all these questions serves as a "shake out". In clearing your vision, you'll automatically declutter your process and move closer to a streamlined, touchless operation. Let us help you. Join our webinar at 3pm UK Wednesday 8th November, where we will: 

  • Discuss 5 core areas holding P2P back
  • Paint the picture of what "good" looks like
  • Explore why you should bother - what's the business impact of a good P2P?
  • Look at measuring progress - using KPIs that work best for you, your team, your process outcomes, and your wider business objectives
  • See that, if you benchmark, you are not comparing your KPIs with companies that are “way” ahead (very mature and invested heavily) as this could be disheartening
  • Examine the role of technology – does technology help drive standardization, or should you standardize first?
  • Understand what “good” looks like for P2P data quality and management

Wherever you are in P2P, mature or early stage, on a clear path or a bit lost, this webinar will help you take your next steps with confidence.