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How CPOs Can Unlock Financial Potential with a Tech-Forward Approach (Ardent Partners, GEP)
Thursday, February 29, 2024, 02:00pm - 03:00pm
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The “year of efficiency” that began in Big Technology last year has spread like wildfire to all other industries, and CFOs are looking to their counterparts in procurement to deliver this year. For the CPO, this means driving efficiencies across the Source-to-Pay process and maximizing financial gains while improving overall performance. The clearest, most direct way to achieve these goals is to take a Tech-Forward approach to operations, including sourcing, supplier management, invoicing, and B2B payments.

On February 29th, join Ardent Partners analysts and experts from GEP (and Mastercard) who will outline the tech-centric strategies and tools that CPOs can take across the S2P process to unlock financial potential. Attendees will learn how a Tech-Forward approach will help S2P teams:

• Gain real-time insights into spend, cash flow, and other business intelligence to improve decision-making and financial impact.

• Embrace a digitized Source-to-Pay operation including, strategic sourcing, ePayables, V-cards, and other tools to minimize paper transactions and payments.

• Improve productivity and reduce errors by automating manual tasks such as invoice processing and payment execution and reconciliation.

• Link technology-driven efficiencies to financial impact and overall procurement performance.

Don’t miss this must-attend event for both finance and procurement professionals!