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Great Shortages Make Great Opportunities: Shifts in the Manufacturing Workforce (Art of Procurement, Xometry)
Wednesday, March 20, 2024, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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A combination of factors, including retirement rates, lower birth rates, and generational differences in worker preference have led to particularly acute shortages in the manufacturing industry workforce.

But as the shortages grow, so do the associated opportunities.

Unlike the perception many people have of manufacturing work, these jobs involve the latest in robotics and automation. They often come with beneficial educational opportunities. And the field is inclusive, with companies actively reaching out to women and other groups who might not have otherwise considered pursuing roles in the industry.

In this LIVE webinar, Weston Norris from Xometry will talk about how labor shortages are impacting production costs and workforce trends.

Weston will answer live questions about:

  • The sources of workforce shortages, and how they are impacting the manufacturing industry in particular
  • Best practices for attracting new employees and how this benefits companies as well as workers
  • The role talent plays in determining the relative efficiency and productivity of a manufacturing operation