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Breaking News: Buyers Meeting Point Owner Kelly Barner Branches out as Director of Intelligence for Palambridge



Today, Philip Ideson (Art of Procurement) and and I announced that we have founded a new entity to meet the strategic needs of forward-thinking procurement leaders. Palambridge brings procurement experts, technology, and intelligence together and makes them available on demand via a virtual platform.

After we ran The Procurement Revolution in 2016, we wanted to create a lasting force for change. After much discussion and consideration, Phil and I realized that nothing held more value than the network of experts and partners we built in preparation for the event - and that became the foundation for Palambridge.

I’ve benefitted for a long time from participating in the virtual, global, ‘gig’ economy. Without technology and connectivity, I would not be able to play a role in the procurement community and continue to do what I love. Palambridge gives me the opportunity to connect amiable, experienced thought leaders with the professionals who can benefit from their knowledge and counsel. This is absolutely a case where a non-traditional model will facilitate both increased availability and exceptional results.


If you have any questions at all, please contact me directly and I will be too happy to answer your question and discuss this new stage in the Buyers Meeting Point journey.


What does this mean for Buyers Meeting Point members and sponsors?

The great thing about Palambridge is that it allows me to put additional energy behind how procurement incorporates market intelligence without competing with Buyers Meeting Point’s established focus. BMP will continue to cover events, review publications, and work with our partners to write and publicize thought leadership. Our sponsorships remain in place, affected only by the increased visibility we will gain by working simultaneously through the Palambridge platform. I retain sole ownership of Buyers Meeting Point and all of the agreements currently in place.


About Palambridge

Palambridge is a virtual platform of procurement experts, technology, and intelligence created to provide a broad range of flexible, strategic, tailored solutions on-demand. The value and objective-driven approach of the Palambridge platform brings tomorrow’s supply management to procurement leaders and organizations today.