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[News] Art of Procurement and the Elephant in the Room

If you follow Philip Ideson and Art of Procurement, then you’ve probably seen today’s news announcement. Rather than having three brands: Art of Procurement (podcast and blog), Palambridge (managed services), and CatalystCo (microlearning platform), everything is now Art of Procurement.

Here’s the new structure:

  • The Art of Procurement podcast and blog will continue as they always have been, remaining on the path that made AOP the #1 weekly procurement podcast.
  • Palambridge is now AOP Experts On-Demand, providing targeted guidance or whole project support from pre-vetted subject matter experts
  • CatalystCo is now AOP Nudge Microlearning, a web-based platform that helps your team members #TakeAction with confidence through what they learn, and with what they already know

Being successful in business requires a healthy appetite for risk and a willingness to push forward in the absence of certainty. That’s the 10,000 foot level explanation for how we ended up with three brands in the first place. At the same time, you can’t build a legitimate vision for the future without reflecting on the past and owning everything associated with it.

The Art of Procurement philosophy emphasizes the importance of community to the elevation of the procurement function. We advocate journey mapping for the sake of making change a reality. And we aren’t asking anyone else to do something that we aren’t willing to do ourselves. Change is intimidating. But the adrenaline rush that comes with fear is also a powerful motivator. Harness it, and nothing is beyond reach.

The only piece of the puzzle that might be missing is what this has to do with me. Phil and I have worked together regularly since The Procurement Revolution in 2016. We co-founded Palambridge and I was key part of the pilot project that became the Nudge microlearning platform.

With the consolidation of brands, I am now the Content Director for Art of Procurement in addition to my work at Buyers Meeting Point. I could not be prouder to align my name and brand with another brand in the field of procurement. Phil and I are ‘thick as thieves’ (you know, without the stealing part), working hard to fight the status quo and loving every minute.

Don’t take your eyes off us. If small steps can lead to big changes, Art of Procurement is about to rock the world of procurement. Won’t you join us?

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