David has been engaged with numerous strategic sourcing projects across various categories, in addition to project management engagements. In his most recent engagement with a global automobile manufacturer, David has led end-to-end strategic sourcing initiatives and delivered strong savings across the range of IT hardware, software, and services.

David holds a Bachelor of Science in Business with concentrations in Finance and Operations, cum laude, from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University.

Exploring DaaS: Device As A Service

With the popularization (and even consumerization) of cloud computing, the as-a-Service (-aaS) business model has emerged as the predominant choice for enterprise software. The ability to bundle core software with value-added features and services for an ongoing fee has proven valuable for vendors and customers alike. As-a-Service delivery of software (SaaS), platforms (PaaS), and infrastructure (IaaS) are now common market offerings, while other examples including communications (CaaS), databases (DBaaS), and networks (NaaS) are emerging as viable business models.

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