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Commodity Prices – 2024 & Outlook

In January, my article “Chemical & Plastics Prices – 2023 & Outlook” expressed the view that chemicals and plastics prices would decrease this year. Six months later, it looks like I was right...

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March 18 - 22: Third Party Risk, Manufacturing Workforce, AI in Action

Last week, Art of Procurement officially announced the launch of SpendPros, our on-demand category and sourcing enablement consultancy. Click here to learn more about these exciting new offerings...

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March 11 - 15: Buyer-Supplier Collaboration, Intake Orchestration, Measuring ESG Impact

Did you know that each Friday Art of Procurement releases a special, short-form podcast called the Procurement 6? In six segments, a rotation of hosts will get you up to speed on the week’s new conten...

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March 4 - 8: Supplier Collaboration, Partnership with Finance, International Women’s Day

Are you subscribed to This Week in Procurement, the Art of Procurement newsletter? Sign up to receive news about upcoming events, new whitepapers, and – of course – the #1 podcast in procurement each ...

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Feb 26 – March 1: Freight Spend, Digital Outcomes, Digital Twins

If the start of the year has seemed busy – you’re in luck this week! We pick up a 366th day of the year on Thursday. Make the most of your leap year extra day, and then get ready to spring forward int...

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Feb 19 - 23: Procurement on the Defense, Top 10 CPO Priorities, Risk Readiness

Many of the conversations we’re having these days relate to procurement orchestration, combining tech and process to improve procurement’s experience and effectiveness. Art of Procurement is running a...

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Feb 12 - 16: Top 10 Supply Chain Priorities, Supplier Perspectives on Procurement Change

This is a slow week for procurement and supply chain events, so if you have a little time on your hands and want to contribute to an ongoing effort to study procurement orchestration, take this 5-minu...

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Jan 29 – Feb 9: Category Excellence, Value Chain Barometer, State of Packaging, ESG Best Practices

Are you subscribed to the Art of Supply newsletter on LinkedIn? Each week, subscribers receive the latest episode of the AOS podcast and accompanying long form article direct to their inboxes and also...

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Chemical & Plastics Prices – 2023 & Outlook

2023 was a very good year for purchasing, where most products showed price decreases. This is in contrast to 2022, which was one of worst years for purchasing over the last 16 years. In August of last...

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Jan 22-26: Pricing Predictions, IT Outcomes, GenAI Turbocharging

Every week I recommend a few upcoming webinars that I think are particularly worth your time. If you would prefer to find them on LinkedIn, follow the Buyers Meeting Point company page. If you are pla...

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Jan 15-19: Supply Chain Transparency, Future-Proofed Procurement, Building Risk Resilience

Happy new year! The starting days of 2024 have already been eventful – including the recent rebrand of Dial P for Procurement into the Art of Supply podcast. To learn more about what this means (and c...

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Dec 11 - 15: Data-driven Diversity, Demystifying AI, Fixing Intake-to-Procure

And just like that, here we are. This is the last week of event recommendations for 2023. I started listing events and making recommendations back in 2015 as a way of helping the procurement community...

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Dec 4 - 8: Intercompany Chaos, Changeable Procurement, Human-Centered AI

The more things change, the more they remain the same. In this week’s events, we get a sampling of the pervasive issues procurement – and companies in general – continue to face. We’re still dealing w...

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Nov 27 – Dec 1: Shifting Mindsets, the Polycrisis, AI, Due Diligence

As we get closer to the end of 2023, it looks like December 15th is going to be the end of the events year. Stay tuned for fresh looks and new perspectives on the procurement and supply chain space st...

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Nov 13-17: Value Orchestration, Business Continuity, ESG in 2024

Next week will be very quiet with the Thanksgiving holiday taking place in the U.S. There are some events still happening, and one of them is featured below with this week’s recommendations. If you ar...

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Nov 6-10: Mastermind LIVE 2023 and Shifting Workforce Dynamics

As we start the first full month of November, it is impossible to ignore the reality that the end of the year is just weeks away. At most there are only 6 full work weeks left in the year. 2024 is jus...

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Oct 30 – Nov 3: Beyond Average, Transformative Value, and CPO Insights

There is just one week left to go before the stage lights go on for AOP Mastermind LIVE 2023. We have lined up FOUR HOURS’ work of enlightening speakers, each of whom has a timely topic they are eager...

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Oct 23-27: Procurement Mythbusting, Managed Services, ESG Digitalization

Although negotiation is just one part of what procurement does, it is an important part. In the most recent Dial P for Procurement, I studied the complex multi-party negotiation going on in Hollywood ...

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Oct 9 - 20: Obsolete Accounting, Outsourcing Risk, Opportunity to Evolve

Have you registered for Mastermind LIVE 2023 yet? Take a look at the full agenda and save the time on your calendar: November 7th from 10am – 2pm ET. If you are planning your event schedule ahead of t...

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Oct 2 - 6: State of Supplier Diversity, Demystifying AI, 2024 ESG Action Planning

In addition to this week’s webinars, I’m speaking at NESCON 2023: The New England Supply Chain Conference & Exposition. Join for a whole day of insightful educational speakers but stick around unt...

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