Oct 3-7: The Buzz, Beer Cans, and Mastermind LIVE 2022

Note to self… if you book a number of live events for the first few days of a new month, you are going to be VERY SURPRISED when you turn the page on the calendar and look at your schedule! I’m all li...

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Sept 26-30: Risk, Risk, and the New Abnormal

Last week was Banned Books Week in the U.S., an annual opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of deciding what we read for ourselves. I see this as a natural extension of the intellectual...

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Sept 19-23: The Great Resignation, CFO Relevance, Risk v. Cost

Last week’s new episode of Dial P for Procurement was our monthly video interview – and my guest had a fascinating point of view to share. Tom Burke is the COO of ButcherBox, a membership service that...

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Sept 12-16: Agility, Blockchain, and Order-to-Cash

After a break for the Labor Day holiday, procurement and supply chain events are back with a vengeance! This is the time of year when we start counting the weeks left to have an impact – and the fall ...

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Aug 29 – Sept 2: Dynamic Sourcing, Top CPO Metrics, and The Big Debate

How much pressure would your company have to be under to give up on the idea of being a customer of choice? Would you expect your suppliers to respond? In last week’s episode of Dial P, Philip Ideson ...

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August 22-26: Beyond ERP, Mergers Divestments & Acquisitions

Google “empathetic leadership” and you will find an abundance of articles content from across the business world. But look back through your last few weeks of work – does it feel like all of that advi...

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August 15-19: George Orwell, Inspiring Women, and Optimizing Cash Flows

I’m a huge fan of writer George Orwell, so the more the government tells me it is being “helpful” the more I start digging into the details. Case in point: this week’s episode of Dial P for Procuremen...

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August 8-12: Categorypalooza, Conversational Science, Sustainable Packaging

We’re all dealing with it – at work and at home – but WHY is fuel so expensive? In last week’s episode of Dial P for Procurement, I walked back through the oil supply chain, looking at the costs, risk...

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July 25-29: Perfect Supply Chain Storm and RPA-enabled Customer Experience

It is easy to agree that businesses should have to alter how they operate to preserve the environment. But who do we want interpreting Congressional legislation and turning it into rules? How clear do...

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July 18-20: Innovative Business Travel and Financial Resilience

In the latest episode of Dial P, I research the logistics challenges associated with the tragic migrant smuggling incident in San Antonio. The problem at the U.S. southern border is very real, and the...

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Book Review: Profit from the Source: Transforming Your Business by Putting Suppliers at the Core

“When the CPO and procurement team participate in every critical stage of a product’s evolution – from concept development and the award of supplier contracts to the start of production and through th...

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July 11-15: ESG Data Analytics and Decision Readiness

The 4th of July holiday in the U.S. last week meant vacation time for many of us – and why not? Procurement and supply chains made our fair share of contributions to the founding of this country. If y...

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June 27-July 1: EU Supply Chain Act, Player-Coaches, Reducing Carbon Emissions

In last week’s episode of Dial P for Procurement, I shared my monthly full-length interview: a feature with Ken Yearwood from McKinsey and Company. We spoke about leading supplier diversity practices ...

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June 20-24: Digital ROI, Sovereign Supply Chains, Reducing Carbon Emissions

If you have been following the nationwide baby formula shortage, you were probably relieved to hear that the Abbott Laboratories factory in Sturgis was back up and running… but not for long. Flooding ...

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June 13-17: Keys to Success, Building Digital Bridges, AI as an Unexpected Ally

In last week’s episode of Dial P for Procurement, I focused on a potential (albeit leaked) proposal that will reportedly come before the World Trade Organization in early July. If it is presented and ...

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June 6-10: Crises, Resilience, and the Data Revolution

After a brief break in the schedule for the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S., we are back with a vengeance! Check out my upcoming event recommendations below – and join me, Greg White, and Gartner’s M...

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May 23-27: Inspiring Women, Savings Pipeline, Must-Have KPIs

This is the busiest week of events we have had yet this year – and quite a few of the events are in-person conferences. ISM’s annual conference is taking place in Orlando, FL… so safe travels if you a...

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May 16-20: Sustainable Contracting, Task Automation, Procurement Nirvana

After much ado, the 2022 Supply Chain and Procurement awards are officially here! Join us on Wednesday from 10am-12n ET for live announcements from the winners, commentary from the host committee, and...

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May 19-13: Tech Enabled Sustainability and Data Driven Value

Last week, I had the opportunity to interview Maryna Trepova, an amazing procurement consultant who fled Kyiv for Portugal – and who is continuing her work even as she worries about friends and family...

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April 25-29: Building Procurement, Connected Planning, CPO Rising

I’m sure you know that Art of Procurement releases a new podcast every Monday, but did you know that this year we also release a podcast each Friday too? Philip Ideson, Helen Mackenzie, and I take tur...

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