May 29 – June 9: Should-Cost Analysis, Driving Purpose, Decoding Digital Transformation

I’m combining two weeks of event recommendations to accommodate the slowdown in the events schedule around the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S.! There are quite a few events already scheduled for June...

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Your Leadership Legacy

“The best leaders are the ones who have the sense to surround themselves with outstanding people and have the self-restraint not to meddle in how they do their jobs.” -     &n...

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May 22-24: AP Automation, Supply Chain Flexibility, Board-Level Cybersecurity

Another week full of conferences… there are four in-person events happening worldwide, just sneaking in their gatherings before the summer begins! In fact, with the Memorial Day holiday next week, we ...

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May 15-19: Problem Solving Superpowers, E-Invoicing Mandates, and ESG Compliance

Next week is all conferences all the time! Procurement Leaders, GENCFO, and USMA are all meeting in person to discuss the latest in their respective focus areas. Check out the full calendar for more i...

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May 8-12: An Uncomfortable Negotiating Truth and Optimizing the Supply Chain

After last week’s virtual event craziness, this week is in-person events’ turn! ISM World 2023 is taking place in Grapevine, TX on May 7-10 and Gartner’s Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo will be in Orlando,...

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May 1-5: Payables, Sustainability at Scale, AI-led AP

This week there are eight events all happening on Thursday… sometimes everyone has the same good idea at the same time! This week’s event themes include AI, sustainability, and payables. If you are pl...

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April 24-28: Autonomous Sourcing and Managing Risk at Scale

Are you familiar with the difference between free speech and ‘commercial speech?’ This nuanced distinction ended up playing a huge role in the lawsuit FedEx Ground brought against Route Consultant – a...

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April 17-21: Spend Oversight, Tail Spend Management, Tech as an ESG Enabler

The Buyers Meeting Point Industry Calendar is a procurement community resource – we will list any relevant event as long as it is thought leadership based. The calendar is updated weekly, so check bac...

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April 10 - 14: Financial Services Risk and Pillars of Procurement Success

Have you heard the news? The Dial P for Procurement podcast is back – and has been selected to participate in the new LinkedIn Podcast Academy program. Subscribe to Dial P on your favorite podcast app...

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April 3 - 7: High Velocity Procurement, Psychological Safety, and Customer Experience in the Age of AI

Did you know that these weekly event recommendations are included in the Art of Procurement’s This Week in Procurement email? If you’re not already signed up, click here to join! If you are planning y...

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March 27 – 31: Global Op Models, Human Rights, Crucial Leadership Moments

Did you know that these weekly event recommendations are included in the Art of Procurement’s This Week in Procurement email? If you’re not already signed up, click here to join! If you are planning y...

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March 20-24: Another AI Test, Source to Growth, Risk Resilient Supply Chains

There are two in-person events taking place this week in addition to the webinars and virtual events listed below. Procurement Leaders’ Americas Procurement Congress is taking place March 21st and 22n...

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March 13-17: Supply Chain Resilience, Navigating the Decision Abyss, and Final Four Tech

Are you a subscriber to the Procurement Buzz newsletter? This weekly LinkedIn newsletter covers complex, interesting business news stories through a procurement and supply chain lens. Not subscribed? ...

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March 6-10: GPT-3 Contracts, Benchmarking Supplier Diversity, Economic Outlook

This is another busy week of procurement events: 17 just this week. Whether you are interested in AI, International Women’s Day, or business continuity, there is something for you to check out. If you...

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February 27 – March 3: Circular Contracting, Agility v. Growth, Measuring Negotiating Performance

As we flip the calendar page to March, there are already quite a few events listed. And remember, if you are hosting a non-promotional webinar or virtual event… we’re glad to list it! Contact us to se...

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February 20-24: Digital Agreements, ESG Achievement, and Preserving Profitability in a Recession

We haven’t had a week this busy in a long time – 13 events in just three days this week. That means if you don’t find what you are looking for in my recommendations below, check out the full calendar ...

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Moving Automotive Supply Chains Forward with Backwards Vertical Integration

The last three years have been a time of unprecedented disruption. Combined disturbances from the pandemic, war in eastern Europe, uncertainty in Asia, weather patterns, labor strikes, regulatory chan...

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February 13-17: Emotional Intelligence, Supply Chain IMPACT, Agile Strategies in an Age of Uncertainty

In addition to the webinars listed below, Art of Procurement Digital Outcomes is being held this week on Wednesday and Thursday from 10am – 1pm ET. Register in advance even if you can’t stay for the e...

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Start for Success

For me, reading a book about entrepreneurship is an odd experience. I did start and run my own business, and now I am a Partner at Art of Procurement… but none of it was on purpose. I typically operat...

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February 6-10: Stopping Shadow Spend, Business Continuity, CPO Agenda for 2023

February is already a busy month, with a mixture of virtual and in-person events. New events are listed every week, so remember to check back and look at what is new! If you are planning your procurem...

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