November 15-19: Dial P - Preparing for the Future and Smarter Spend Management

In addition to the webinars listed below, we have a Dial P for Procurement livestream this week! Join me and Scott Luton on Tuesday, November 16th at 12n ET as we welcome Bill DeMartino and Constantin...

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November 1-5: Contracting in the New Economy, Partnership as a Service, All-round Transparency

Thank you to everyone in the Buyers Meeting Point community that join Art of Procurement’s Mastermind LIVE Fall last week! If you missed some (or even all) of the sessions, be sure to sign up for a fr...

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March 29 – April 2: eAuctions, Supplier Experience, Mitigating Risk with AI

In addition to the events recommended below, this week also marks the release of the March ISM-New York Report on Business. We’ll be looking to see what kind of note the New York Metro area ends Q1 on...

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Feb 8-12: Emphasizing Opportunity, Agility, and Risk Preparedness

Save the Date: As you think about how to block your time for this week and next, let me put in a plug for Dial P for Procurement, my new livestream hosted by the team at Supply Chain Now. We launched ...

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The Disaster Cycle of Crisis Procurement

One of the aspects of ever-growing experience is the sorrow of knowledge. In times of economic turbulence, procurement could be dragged into a cycle of faulty practices that starts well before the cri...

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Recommended Procurement Webinars Oct 26-30: 25 Years of Innovation, Advocating for Equity, Analytics for Risk Management

The events schedule seems to be picking back up this week, with 9 events taking place. I’ve also started filling up the November page, which promises to be busy since there is effectively one less wee...

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Recommended Procurement Webinars Oct 19-23: Third Party Risk, Lasting Supplier Diversity, Resilience v. Immunity

This is the time of year when it becomes all too easy to count down the days and weeks left on the calendar. By my count, we have about 8 solid weeks remaining – when you allow for Thanksgiving and th...

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Recommended Procurement Webinars Oct 5-9: Sourcing Maturity, Risk, and More Risk

There are two very exciting ‘live’ events taking place this week – both of which I am proud to be involved in,,,  NESCON is taking place Oct 5-7 and features a very special keynote speaker: Gener...

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Recommended Procurement Webinars Sept 28 – Oct 2: Driving Risk Culture and Building Resilience to Catastrophe

As another month comes to an end, we can expect the schedule of events to pick up. There are 8 webinars and 1 virtual event taking place this week, including our next AOP Live session on Tuesday, feat...

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Re-establishing the Enterprise’s Risk Appetite

This content was published on the ATSC Blog on July 27, 2020 Since risk is a reality in business, and ‘certainty’ is an extremely expensive proposition, an enterprise’s appetite for risk has always be...

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Recommended Webinars July 27-31: Autonomous Procurement, Leadership Time, Managing Risk and Resiliency

As we close out the end of July, webinars are just starting to post for August. If you look at all of this week’s webinars, there is a clear note of defiant optimism with the focus returning to supply resiliency, leadership, and automation over necessary but fatigued coverage of the pandemic. Next week also marks the release of the July ISM-New York Report on Business, so we’ll get another look at how the professional services economy is recovering from the various shutdowns.

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Recommended Procurement Webinars June 15-19: Best Practices for Uncertain Times, Increased Resilience, Flattening the Cost Curve

Another week, another 10 events added to the calendar – all of which are taking place between now and the first week of July. There are 8 webinars this week and 11 next, and several events already listed for the week of July 4th. That may indicate that the pause in business that typically surrounds the July 4th holiday in the U.S. will be shorter than in more typical years.

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Recommended Webinars June 8-12: Outlook 2000, Resilient Companies, and Aligned Procurement

Last Tuesday I announced that Buyers Meeting Point has acquired MyPurchasingCenter, a website and online community much like BMP. This step increases our reach, audience, and – most importantly – our content base. Some of the best known writers in procurement and supply chain were authors for MPC, including Jon Hansen, Bill Michels, Dr. Tom DePaoli, Rich Weissman, and Elaine Porteous. Look for more on that front starting this week!

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Recommended Webinars June 1-5: Managing Supplier Risk and Embracing Automation

As we turn the corner into June, the pace of even virtual events has slowed back to what I would expect to see in the summer months of a ‘normal’ year, which this decidedly is not. One sign of light at the end of the tunnel is this: I added a live event (yes, live – in person and with people in attendance) for November of 2020. Time will tell if that is going to hold and what it will look like, but it feels like a glimmer of hope all the same.

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Recommended Procurement Webinars May 18-22: Risk, Resiliency, and Agility

Holy webinars Batman! I added 14 new virtual events to the calendar last week. Clearly companies are embracing this method of reaching their desired audience (in the absence of an alternative). I just hope they aren’t all sad COVID-19 fallout events. If anyone hears about a webinar focused on how the ‘murder hornets’ are expected to affect the supply chain, please let me know?

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Practical Advice to help Procurement Weather the Pandemic

This content was published on the ATSC blog on April 20, 2020 Seemingly overnight, every procurement professional’s top priority has become helping their company get through the COVID-19 pandemic and ...

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Procurement and supply chain during a crisis: Stronger together

This content was published on the Fairmarkit blog on April 20, 2020 If there is one thing you get used to when you work in procurement, it is that no one outside of the field has any idea what we do f...

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Recommended Webinars April 6-10: Quarantining 3rd Parties, the New State of Everything, and Your COVID-19 Procurement Response

I’m continuing to add new webinars to the calendar at a blazing fast pace. Over a dozen new events hit this week, quickly filling in what had previously looked like a rather bleak April. I’ve also noticed a shift away from the 2pm ET time slot and towards something that overlaps with a WHF ‘lunchbreak’.

If you are planning your schedule further ahead, I recommend checking out the weekly webinar series from Tealbook. Every Wednesday at 12n ET, they are holding a 30-minute webinar on the supplier data crisis now through May 13th. Each webinar will feature a thought leader like Chris Sawchuck, Walter Charles, or Tim Herrod.

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Recommended Webinars March 2-6: Supply Chain Ecosystems, Agility, Intelligence, and Risk Trends

When we start to have spring weather, it can only mean one thing: the spring conference season is not far behind. This year ISM’s annual conference will be in Boston – my hometown – and so I’m looking forward to meeting many connections that have only been virtual until now. If you are going to ISM, you may want to check out the 2020 ExecIn, hosted by Corcentric. ExecIn is a private, invitation-only conference where supply management senior executive leaders gather for networking, panel discussions, strategic educational sessions on current hot topics and networking with fellow thought leaders.

If you are planning your webinar schedule further ahead, I recommend “How Best-in-Class Organizations Leverage Intelligent Automation” from Everest Group on March 12th at 10am ET.  

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Recommended Webinars February 24-28: Beyond Benchmarking, Global Risk, and The Decade of Data

This week started out looking kind of bleak, and then at the last minute there were several excellent additions to the events calendar. I’ve recommended what I see as the best below, but you can look at the full calendar to see what else is scheduled this week and into March.

If you are planning your webinar schedule further ahead, I recommend “Top 10 Supply Chain Risk Trends in 2020 – The Big Reveal” from Supply Chain Now and Resilience360 on March 5th at 11am ET.

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