Jan 18-20: Top Finance Issues, Supplier Management Trends, Spend Category Outlook

Hello everyone – long time no speak! There have been very few events since mid-December, so I’m only now getting the weekly procurement event recommendations up and running. If you look at the calenda...
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Recommended Procurement Webinars Dec 7-11: Growth Mindset, Tail Spend, and More

Well folks, this is it. My last recommendation post of 2020. I’m somewhat at a loss for words when I think about this year – everything since March 12th (when our local schools closed) has been a blur...
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Recommended Procurement Webinars Nov 16-20: Sourcing Optimization, IoT Supply Chain, AI v. Employee Empowerment

Although the events calendar is mostly empty for next week because of the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., there are two webinars currently scheduled. I’m expecting to have either 2 or 3 more recomme...
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Recommended Procurement Webinars Nov 9-13: Valuable Supplier Relationships, Seismic Change, S2P Digital Transformation

The shift from COVID response to recovery is clear to me in the events recommended below as well as the other events I’ve just added to the events calendar. Here’s an example, rather than supply chain...
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Recommended Procurement Webinars Nov 2-6: Mid-market Digital Transformation, Industries in 2021, and Supply Chain Mapping

In addition to the recommended webinars listed below, there are two other dates this week I’d like to call your attention to... On Tuesday, I’ll be releasing the October ISM-NY Report on Business at 9...
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Recommended Procurement Webinars Oct 26-30: 25 Years of Innovation, Advocating for Equity, Analytics for Risk Management

The events schedule seems to be picking back up this week, with 9 events taking place. I’ve also started filling up the November page, which promises to be busy since there is effectively one less wee...
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Recommended Procurement Webinars Oct 19-23: Third Party Risk, Lasting Supplier Diversity, Resilience v. Immunity

This is the time of year when it becomes all too easy to count down the days and weeks left on the calendar. By my count, we have about 8 solid weeks remaining – when you allow for Thanksgiving and th...
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Recommended Procurement Webinars Oct 12-16: Igniting Transformation through Touchless AP and Business Partnerships

Before I move into my event recommendations for this week, I want to look back at last week – Art of Procurement Mastermind LIVE was amazing, and it would not have been possible without the energy and...
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Recommended Procurement Webinars Oct 5-9: Sourcing Maturity, Risk, and More Risk

There are two very exciting ‘live’ events taking place this week – both of which I am proud to be involved in,,,  NESCON is taking place Oct 5-7 and features a very special keynote speaker: Gener...
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Recommended Procurement Webinars Sept 28 – Oct 2: Driving Risk Culture and Building Resilience to Catastrophe

As another month comes to an end, we can expect the schedule of events to pick up. There are 8 webinars and 1 virtual event taking place this week, including our next AOP Live session on Tuesday, feat...
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Recommended Procurement Webinars September 21-25: The New Reality, Industry 4.0, Efficient Supplier Performance Evaluations

Last week, I ‘worked the switchboard’ for an AOP Live session with Christopher Sawchuk from The Hackett Group and Vishal Patel at Ivalua. EPSNews did a fantastic write up on the event, and they captur...
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Recommended Webinars September 14-18: Post-Crisis Procurement, Customer-Driven Digitalization, Food Supply Chains

I’m continuing to add new events to the calendar, both webinars and virtual conferences. While a virtual conference might not typically be your ‘thing,’ keep in mind that most of them are free to atte...
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Recommended Webinars September 7-11: AI for Contract Analytics and Chasing Tail Spend

Now that it is September, the fall conference season is upon us. Even though few will have the opportunity to gather in person, we can still make the most of these virtual chances to connect and learn...
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Recommended Webinars August 31-Sept 4: Automated S2C, Procurement 2020, Unexpected Joy

Although we don’t necessarily have much more of a visibility horizon than we’ve had for months, things at least seem to be stabilizing. Events are starting to focus on next year, and they provide a sense of what is within our control. That is far more productive and positive than continuing to focus on everything that is out of control.

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Recommended Procurement Webinars August 24-28: Agile Networks, Lost Transformation, Rebooting the Enterprise

August hasn’t been as busy as June and July were, but the pace of new events is already picking up for September. There are already 12 events on the calendar for next month, half of which I added this week. If you are also a fan of Art of Procurement, run by my colleague Philip Ideson, you’ll want to SAVE THE DATE for AOP Mastermind Live: October 6-7.

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Recommended Procurement Webinars August 17-21: Digitizing the Supply Chain, Document Understanding, and CSR Sourcing Strategies

I get a lot of questions about what events I list in the BMP calendar and how I decide what to recommend. I have always believed that the calendar needed to be an industry resource, not a revenue source. BMP receives no money for any of the webinar listings, does not guarantee that any events will be recommended in advance, and does not (knowingly) list demo events. If you have any questions about our listing and recommendation policies, feel free to reach out. Similarly, if you have a thought leadership-based webinar that you think the procurement community would like to know about, please send it my way!

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Recommended Procurement Webinars August 10-14: Contract Analytics and Competing in the Age of AI

It would seem that we are going to have a summer slowdown after all. There weren’t enough events to pick from last week, so I skipped my recommendations post, and there are only a few for this week but they are worthwhile. On the bright side, I already know there will be event recommendations for next week as well.

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Recommended Webinars July 27-31: Autonomous Procurement, Leadership Time, Managing Risk and Resiliency

As we close out the end of July, webinars are just starting to post for August. If you look at all of this week’s webinars, there is a clear note of defiant optimism with the focus returning to supply resiliency, leadership, and automation over necessary but fatigued coverage of the pandemic. Next week also marks the release of the July ISM-New York Report on Business, so we’ll get another look at how the professional services economy is recovering from the various shutdowns.

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Recommended Procurement Webinars July 20-24: Team Contracting, Insourcing, and Protecting Cash and Revenue

Following is a list of the upcoming webinars that are worth of an hour of your (scarce) time. Some I recommend for the topic, others for the speaker, but all of them will give you something new to think about – and goodness knows, we can all use more good ideas to stand up to the challenges 2020 has handed us.

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Recommended Procurement Webinars July 13-17: Digital Roadtripping, Race in Industry, Post-Pandemic Automation

The events continue to roll in – I added another dozen new events to the calendar this week. In addition to the events listed below, I’ll be making the case that procurement is not the ‘enemy’ when it comes to sourcing projects for IT solutions with MyComplianceOffice.

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