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Nov 27 – Dec 1: Shifting Mindsets, the Polycrisis, AI, Due Diligence


As we get closer to the end of 2023, it looks like December 15th is going to be the end of the events year. Stay tuned for fresh looks and new perspectives on the procurement and supply chain space starting in mid-January! 

If you are planning your event schedule ahead of this week, I recommend joining me, Sagi Eliyahu and Dan Coor (both from Tonkean) for an AOP-hosted event on December 14: Signs Your Intake-to-Procure Process May Be Broken - And How to Fix It.

And now for this week’s recommendations… 


[AOP Event] Redefining Procurement’s Value and Shifting Mindsets (Art of Procurement & Ivalua)

November 29, 10am ET

Procurement talks about – and aspires to create – value all the time. Measuring that value, especially beyond savings, is a challenge, and it has not been made any easier by the long and growing list of objectives procurement teams are working to satisfy. Join me and Philip Ideson as we welcome Chris Sawchuk, Principal and Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader at The Hackett Group, and Vishal Patel, VP Product Marketing at Ivalua, to unveil insights from The Hackett Group’s 2023 Procurement Value Measurement Study.


Procurement and the Polycrisis: The Actions Taken and The Lessons Learned to Best Mitigate Future Disruption (Procurement Leaders & SAP)

November 29, 11am ET

If you’re anything like me, your first question is, “What is a polycrisis?” According to this event’s description it is “a time in which multiple global events have become entwined with each other, with the resulting complexity far greater than the sum of individual events themselves.” That certainly feels like what we’ve been going through. Join Baber Farooq, Senior Vice President at SAP, for a discussion of how we can transfer lessons learned to our own future strategies and actions. 


Automating Third-Party Due Diligence and Ongoing Monitoring with Advanced, Multilingual AI (Procurement Leaders & smartKYC)

November 30, 10am ET

Risk management is an increasingly critical (and overwhelming) practice. While procurement professionals often think about supply chain disruptions first, brand or reputational damage due to third party risk can be just as damaging to the top line. Join Dermot Corrigan, CEO of smartKYC, for a webinar focused on making use of AI for the sake of long term due diligence discovery.



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