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Dec 4 - 8: Intercompany Chaos, Changeable Procurement, Human-Centered AI


The more things change, the more they remain the same. In this week’s events, we get a sampling of the pervasive issues procurement – and companies in general – continue to face. We’re still dealing with process chaos, trying to achieve peace in supply relationships, and worrying about automation coming for our jobs. Fortunately, all of these events provide a positive spin… and hopefully workable solutions!

One last reminder - If you are planning your event schedule ahead of this week, I invite you to join me, Sagi Eliyahu, and Dan Coor (both from Tonkean) for the last Art of Procurement event on December 14: Signs Your Intake-to-Procure Process May Be Broken - And How to Fix It.

And now for this week’s recommendations… 


Confessions of an Intercompany Process Owner (How to Tame Intercompany Chaos) (Blackline, sharedserviceslink)

December 6, 10am ET

If I were giving awards for creativity (in addition to picking worthwhile events to attend) this event would be in first place. We can talk about suppliers and supply chains until we are blue in the face, but if we can’t “tame the intercompany chaos” none of it matters. Join Susie West, Founder and CEO of sharedserviceslink as she hosts a live conversation with Jim Tilk and Bhuvvi Howard from BlackLine.


How procurement is changing - and what it means for suppliers (World Commerce & Contracting)

December 7, 10am ET

Poor suppliers. They always seem to get the short end of the stick. Can you imagine being the first supplier to receive a digital RFP? To be asked to participate in an auction? Procurement is always changing, and while we sometimes adjust in relation to supplier account reps, we just as often enact change that they have to keep up with. In this event, Simon Geale from Proxima and Tim Cummins from World Commerce & Contracting will talk about what procurement and suppliers can expect from supply relationships in 2024.


A Human-Centered Approach to AI in the Workplace: Global Insights from Leaders & Employees (Workday)

December 7, 1pm ET

I recently ran a LinkedIn pulse poll asking procurement to share their thoughts and feelings about how generative AI will meaningfully affect the profession. 16 percent responded that it would lead to job loss… but 18 percent weren’t sure. With so much up in the air, the more calm opinions we can hear, the better, In this webinar, Vanessa Danzinger, Principal, Product Marketing at Workday, and Erin Smrz, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Workday, will share insights from leaders and employees about how AI can be leveraged in the workplace without dislodging people from the center.





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