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Dec 11 - 15: Data-driven Diversity, Demystifying AI, Fixing Intake-to-Procure


And just like that, here we are. This is the last week of event recommendations for 2023. I started listing events and making recommendations back in 2015 as a way of helping the procurement community stay in the know about good educational opportunities. That tradition continues – and will continue for year 9 in 2024!

I expect to start making recommendations the week of January 15th, so stay tuned… see you in the new year!

And now for this week’s recommendations… 


Data-Driven Supplier Diversity (Procurement Leaders & Supplier io)

December 14, 10am ET

We’ve had a number of conversations with the team from and know that the work required to report on and motivate change around supplier diversity is never ending. Data is at the heart of the effort, but so are defining and measuring success. In this webinar, Mark Morales, VP at City National Bank, will join Daniel Dorr, VP of Marketing at, to share their firsthand experience.


Demystifying AI in Procurement (Keelvar)

December 14, 10am ET

So much of what we hear about any emerging technology – AI included – ends up being hype. With so much news about generative AI especially in 2023, it is very hard to decide which ideas and pieces of information to take seriously and which to chalk up to the imagination. In this webinar, Alan Holland, Founder and CEO of Keelvar, and Diarmuid Cahalane, Data Science Manager at Keelvar, will focus on the practical applications of AI in procurement.


Signs Your Intake-to-Procure Process May Be Broken - And How to Fix It (AOP, Tonkean)

December 14, 1pm ET

Much like AI overall, 2023 has been a big year of focus on the idea of intake-to-procure: processes, technology, and business impact. In this webinar, I will be joined by Sagi Eliyahu, Co-Founder and CEO at Tonkean, and Dan Coor, their Head of Procurement, to talk about signs and symptoms that your intake-to-procure process may be broken and suggest appropriate treatments.





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