Dr. Tom DePaoli is an independent management consulting professional with over twenty years of experience in all phases of purchasing, human resources, supply chain optimization, strategic sourcing, organizational re-design, e-commerce, SAP and e-procurement software. Dr. Tom DePaoli has extensive skills in, change management, Lean Six Sigma, reengineering purchasing, supply chain relationships, ISO9000, ERP and comprehensive international logistical expertise. He is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

On Procurement and Storytelling: Putting the Method into Practice

 Editor's note: on July 24th, I wrote a post 'On Storytelling and Procurement' in response to an executive leadership and communication post by Chip Scholz. Dr. Tom DePaoli, an author and management consultant, offered up some comments based on his own experience that were far too good to leave buried in a comments string. They are as follows:

One of the oldest methods of passing down knowledge is oral storytelling. Usually an ancient sage would be the keeper of the stories and pass them down to other tribe members. I highly recommend this method for supply chain professionals.

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