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May 15-19: Problem Solving Superpowers, E-Invoicing Mandates, and ESG Compliance


Next week is all conferences all the time! Procurement Leaders, GENCFO, and USMA are all meeting in person to discuss the latest in their respective focus areas. Check out the full calendar for more information.

If you are planning your procurement event schedule beyond this week, I recommend ‘Navigating Your AP Journey - Tips, Strategies, and Insights’ from Pagero on May 24th at 11am ET.

And now for this week’s recommendations… 


AOP Event - Flexing Procurement’s Problem-Solving Superpowers (Art of Procurement)

May 16th, 11am ET

Join Joe Payne and Jennifer Ulrich from Corcentric, Philip Ideson, and me for a live discussion about how procurement can step up their problem solving skills to handle everything the world might throw their way… by approaching situations like an entrepreneur.


Panic Prevention: Schooling Up Now on E-Invoicing Mandates (Tradeshift, SharedServicesLink)

May 17th, 10am ET

When you run a global business – even if you are just invoicing globally – you have to be up to speed on all of the latest regulations. With changes underway in Mexico, Brazil, and France, AP managers should start putting plans in place now. Join Marcus Gray, Tax Compliance and Interoperability Expert at Tradeshift, and Susie West, CEO of sharedserviceslink to learn more.


The perfect trio of ESG Compliance, Supply Chain Resilience and Cost Reduction for our future. (Procurement Leaders & Jaggaer)

May 18th, 10am ET

How are companies supposed to hit their ESG targets in today’s economic climate… and can they build resilience at the same time? Justin Sadler-Smith, VP EMEA from Jaggaer, and Rory Lamont, CPO at Hitachi Rail, believe so, and they will be on hand to discuss in this live event. 





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