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Recommended Procurement Webinars Feb 25 – March 1: Contract Robots, Contract Economics, Sales and Use Tax in Contracts


We have another busy week on the calendar with a focus on - contracts! All three of this week’s picks take a completely different look at the topic, from automation to economics to the incorporation of taxes. If you are planning your webinar schedule further in advance, I recommend ‘What happens after due diligence? Don’t stop there.’ from LexisNexis on March 5th.

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Robotic Contract Lifecycle Management - Separating Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fact from Fiction (IACCM, Conga)

February 26th 11am ET

You have to give contracts credit for one thing: they seem to be the starting point for the application of emerging technologies such as blockchain and RPA. In this webinar, IACCM President Tim Cummins and Conga Head of AI Jason Gabbard will discuss how AI and data can be combined to improve your CLM program. Most importantly, they will stick to the facts, making clear which ideas are achievable and which are more like science fiction.


Contract Economics: Smarter Contracts for Predictive Analytics (Ardent Partners, Concord)

February 27th 1pm ET

Every effort in an enterprise needs to have an ROI these days, and apparently contracts are no exception. They may have been thought of as ‘exempt’ in the past based on their legal necessity, but the choice is no longer to contract or not to contract. With advances in automation and predictive analytics, event contract administration can now be looked at as a way to bolster the bottom line.


 Preparing for Sales and Use Tax in Sourcing Contracts (SIG, Mayer Brown)

February 28th at 1pm ET

This webinar speaks directly to a topic that honestly used to keep me up at night. Long before sourcing and contract management technology was able to help, it was a nightmare factoring the cost of taxes into the proposal comparison process. In this event, the team from Mayer Brown will talk about how taxes can be reflected in the sourcing process before an award is made – something that is all the more important given the complexity and variability of today’s local, state and federal tax codes.






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