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Recommended Procurement Webinars Jan 8-12: An ‘Ardent’ Start to the New Year


Happy New Year! We’re off and running – I added 11 new webinars to the calendar in January and February this weekend. Of all the new year’s resolutions, Ardent Partners’ were apparently the most resolute! They aren’t missing a beat, and as a result they dominate this week’s recommendations. Click on the title of each recommended webinar below to view the full description and register.

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Both of this week’s webinars feature Christopher Dwyer talking about the future of work… but with a different slant.

The Link Between Contingent Workforce Management and the Future of Work (Ardent Partners, ZeroChaos)

January 9th, 1pm ET

Of the two webinars, this one looks at the future of work from a broader perspective. Taking on talent-related topics ranging from the meaning of enterprise agility to talent engagement, this event will focus on how all of the top corporate trends are combining to change the modern workforce and the value that can be derived from it. Ardent Partners loves the concept of ‘convergence’ and this webinar brings it all together: talent, technology, operations, and strategy.


The Future of Work is Now: Unlocking the Benefits of On-Demand Talent (Ardent Partners, SAP Fieldglass, Catalant)

January 11th, 1pm ET

While it is also centered around the future of work, this event is more technology focused. There are many types of on-demand talent, and even more ways to source, manage, and leverage their capabilities. As companies try to quickly apply niche skillsets in response to sudden opportunities, having a digital talent management ecosystem will be absolutely essential – addressing both connectivity and knowledge management challenges.





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