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Recommended Procurement Webinars May 6-10: Spring Economic Update from ISM and Sourcing Desk True Stories


I have good news and less good news… The good news is that I added 8 webinars to the calendar on Friday (7 of which are in May). The less good news is that there are only 3 events to shoes from this week. Take a look at my comments below to see what I recommend.

If you are planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend ‘Executing a Successful Procurement Transformation’ hosted by Ivalua on May 29th. This webinar will be presented by Duncan Jones from Forrester Research on the study that generated so much buzz at the Ivalua NOW event in Paris a couple of weeks ago. If you are interested in some insights about the study, which focuses on the misalignment between procurement’s maturity and our perception of our maturity, you can visit Art of Procurement’s blog or read my own write up here on BMP.

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ISM’s 2019 Spring Update of the U.S. Economy (ISM)

May 8th, 11am ET

If you’ve ever spoken to me about the economy or the ISM Report on Business (I’m the Business Survey Chair for the ISM-New York Report on Business) then you know I am beyond excited about this webinar. It will be presented by Tim Fiore, current Chair and spokesperson for ISM’s Manufacturing Business Survey Committee. He will share his expectations for the rest of 2019 on the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sides of the economy. Of particular importance will be his comments on U.S. hiring trends, since all companies, industries and functions are impacted by the availability and quality of talent.


True Stories: Implementing a Sourcing Desk (Scout RFP, WNS Denali)

May 9th, 1pm ET

Scout RFP had me at “true stories” but I’ll hang around for the “ 3 key elements to keep in mind when implementing a Sourcing Desk”. With all the recent focus on automation, I think most procurement teams assume they will hand execution off to the robots before redirecting their focus to more strategic work. Scout and Denali are presenting a different option: an execution-focused sourcing desk that makes the most of technology and centralization while not taking the buying process fully digital.





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