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Recommended Webinars November 18-22: Procurement Vision, Digital Readiness and Next Level Contract Management


The pace of the year will really pick up from here… I won’t have any recommendations next week because of the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, and then there are just three weeks of events left in the year. December is starting to fill in, so take a look ahead – there are some great events up already.

In particular, I recommend “The Psychology of Change” being hosted by The Myers-Briggs organization on December 5th. While it isn’t specifically for a procurement audience, it is a great opportunity to think about change management from a group and individual personality perspective.

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Setting out and executing on a vision for procurement (Tradeshift, Efficio, Procurement Leaders)

November 19th, 10am ET

In this webinar, you will hear from Roy Anderson, CPO and Digital Transformation Officer at Tradeshift, Dr. Ulrich Piepel, VP Global Head of Procurement at Innogy and Simon Lipscomb, Sales and Marketing Director at Efficio, as they outline the process for establishing and executing on your vision for the future of procurement – as well the lessons they have learned along the way. 


Level-up your contract management for the new year (IACCM, Conga)

November 19th, 11am ET

Everything in business is moving faster these days. Between automation and digitalization, there is very room for delay or error – and that is certainly true for contract management. According to the event description, 80% of B2B deals are governed by contracts today. If the value and protections of those agreements are locked up (or bogged down) in a filing cabinet somewhere, the exposure may be significant. Join Paul Branch, COO at IACCM, and Joel Shank, Commercial Counsel at Conga to learn how you can increase the agility of your contracts in the new year.


AOP Live! The Current State of Digital Readiness: Mastering the Supply Chain Data Challenge (AOP, Ivalua, BMP)

November 20th, 11am ET

[Originally scheduled for October 29th, this event was postponed due to the primary speaker and his family being displaced by the wildfires in California.] This AOP Live session is based on the 3rd annual Data Quality and Governance study run by N. C. State… which… isn’t actually read for publication yet. The good news is that we have study co-author Joseph Yacura, former CPO at companies like Fannie Mae, IHG, Bank of America and American Express. He has a ton to say about the current state of data quality and therefore our digital readiness. Sign up today and AOP Host Philip Ideson will ask your questions live on Wednesday!





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