Webinar Recommendations for May 18 – 22, 2015: Trusted Advisor Status, Supply Risk, The Road to Resiliency

Webinar Recommendations for May 18 – 22, 2015: Trusted Advisor Status, Supply Risk, The Road to Resiliency

Any one of this week’s recommend webinars will be a good pick if you are looking to increase your skills, your influence, or your … click on the title of each to connect to that event on our calendar and link to the registration page.



Elevating Procurement: The Evolution to Trusted Business Advisor (Hackett Group/GEP)

5/19, 2pm EDT

Has your procurement team achieved trusted business advisor status, or are you stuck at administrator or gatekeeper? In this event, Hackett Group and GEP will provide insight into how we can reach this status – particularly challenging when it comes to stakeholders – and unlock all of the additional potential that comes with it. If you’re focused on general procurement strategy, this is the right event to sign up for, particularly since Hackett Group doesn’t do all that many webinars. You don’t know when you’ll have another chance.


Fannie Mae and the Lessons of Supplier Risk (SIG, Ivalua)

5/19, 2pm EDT

The best webinars involve case studies, preferably told by the clients themselves. We will get just such a chance this week as Fannie Mae shares the story behind their decision to implement technology for an improved supplier risk program. As it says in the event description, “In an organization where scrutiny is high and compliance is crucial, there were clear benefits to implementing an end-to-end supplier relationship management solution.” I for one will be interested to hear about the kinds of suppliers and supply relationships Fannie Mae was focused on in their efforts to create a better housing finance system.


Juniper Networks – Five “Ah Hah” Moments on Route to Resiliency (S&DCE, Resilinc)

5/20, 2pm EDT

This webinar will be an end to end look at supplier risk from an executive’s point of view. The five “Ah Hah” moments sound promising as they are described as both lessons learned and best practices. Even though we all know how to do something right, it is so much more interesting to hear what NOT to do. The last piece of the event description includes an important detail: not only is it key to plan and document ROI and execute, it is also important to make sure that the processes and results are sustainable well into the future.

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