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This Week in Business History for March 8th: Ford Mustangs, Coke in Bottles, & the Burst of the Dot Com Bubble


“Although the world has changed a lot since 1964, the Ford Mustang has been offered every single year. In 2018, Ford crossed the 10 Million Mustang mark. The pony car is truly a design, engineering, marketing, and business development achievement.”

– Kelly Barner, Owner of Buyers Meeting Point and Host of Dial P for Procurement on Supply Chain Now


In this edition of This Week in Business History, guest host Kelly Barner remembers key innovations, inventions, and firsts that took place between March 8th and the 12th, including the start of production on the Ford Mustang, a pair of communications milestones, the story of how Coke came to be sold in bottles, and the inevitable burst of the Dot Com bubble.




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