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Recommended Procurement Webinars Dec 4-8: Digital Transformation, the Future of Work, Real-time eProcurement


Another busy week on the Buyers Meeting Point events calendar. As an FYI: I will be recommending events this week and next and then breaking until the events pick back up again the week of January 8. In addition to this week’s webinars, Market Dojo is hosting an eAuction Strategy Masterclass at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Click on the title of each recommended webinar below to view the full description and register.

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Making RPA and Data the Foundation for Your Digital Transformation Strategy (HfS Research)

December 4th, 11am ET

We are frequently reminded just how different technologies like RPA are from traditional transaction processing and outsourcing. In one way, however, they are exactly the same: unless they are well informed and strategically implemented, they will be unable to achieve the desired results. In this webinar, HfS will be joined by Blue Prism and Ascension Shared Services for a discussion about the importance of data and analytics in leveraging RPA on a digital journey.


The State of Contingent Management: Insights into the Future of Work...and Beyond (DCR Workforce, Ardent Partners) 

December 5th, 1pm ET

What a difference words make. Mention ‘contingent workforce’ and I’ll agree that managing all of the talent needs of an enterprise are important, but I’m not exactly enthused. Mention the ‘future of work’ on the other hand, and hey! You’ve really got something there! I think the primary difference is perspective. Contingent workforce sounds like temporary employees filling in for low level jobs. The future of work and the gig economy – especially if they are leveraged at a management level – can change the whole competitive direction of a company. Christopher Dwyer, the (undisputed?) king of CWM will discuss exciting-sounding results from the 2017-2018 State of Contingent Workforce Management research study.


How Real-Time eProcurement Drives Unprecedented Compliance and Value (NAEP, aquiire)

December 5th, 2pm ET

If you work for an institution of higher education, and you’re looking to transform the potential impact and adoption of your procurement efforts, real-time eProcurement may be the right path for you to try. In additional to operational efficiencies, this webinar will focus on how demand for sustainability and regulatory changes can be accommodated by procurement teams with the right systems and preparation.




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