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Recommended Webinars June 11-15: BIC Category Management, Emerging Markets, and Optimized Public Procurement


This week’s webinars provide us with a broad range of topics – process trends, global supply chain crises, optimizing public procurement, and direct access programs for hiring independent talent – demonstrating just how expansive the knowledge base for procurement professionals has become.  

If you like to plan further ahead, I recommend “Get Smart About Your Digital Underbelly Or You'll Fail To Scale” from HfS Research and a panel of experts on June 21st.

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Building a Best-in-Class Category Management Program: The Newest Trends, Tips and Technologies (SIG, GEP) 

June 12th, 1pm ET

The first distinction worth noting in the description for this event is that category management is characterized as a program – not a process. This may be why so many procurement teams struggle with category management. Without a clear step by step process (like we have for strategic sourcing and contract management), it is hard to get started and know where to focus. In this event, GEP will talk about how to make category management a reality by partnering with the business and leveraging new technologies.


Emerging Markets: is another crisis looming? (Economist Intelligence Unit)

June 13th, 10am ET

If you have supply chain risk responsibility, this late calendar addition is a do-not-miss webinar. Felix Delbrück, Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit's Country Risk Service, will discuss the nature of the turmoil we’ve seen in countries like Turkey and Argentina and discuss which locations might be next.


Adopting Dynamic Purchasing Systems for Optimised Public Procurement Strategies (Proactis)

June 14th, 10am ET

Optimizing public procurement is no easy feat. Between additional transparency requirements and balancing the need to generate value on the taxpayer’s thin dime, there are no end to the complexities and constituencies. In this webinar, Proactis will discuss how a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) can overcome the limitations of traditional static frameworks continuously engage with numerous competing suppliers. Note: The case example used in the webinar is based on the UK’s public sector.





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