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Avoiding Software Purchase Remorse

This content was posted on the MyComplianceOffice blog on July 8, 2020         When a company makes the decision to implement compliance software, the steps the...

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Procurement Is Not Your Enemy

This content was published on the MyComplianceOffice blog on June 30, 2020 “Most corporate purchasing is slow, opaque, and downright onerous—fueled by a broader objective to control spending.” A....

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Death of a Software Salesman

Arthur Miller’s 1949 play ‘Death of a Salesman’ is often listed as one of America’s finest and most influential stage dramas of the twentieth century. It was a tale that conveyed the American Dream bu...

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Time to Renew Your Office 365 Deal – Where Should You Place Your Bet?

Sourcing managers with a Microsoft enterprise agreement (EA) that is about to expire face an important decision and may have many questions. Should they renew their next EA along the same lines as the...

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