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Recommended Procurement Webinars for July 24-28: Value Management, Risk Monitoring, Digital Transformation


This week’s webinars don’t necessarily cover new or out of the ordinary topics, but they do bring us some new voices. See Tuesday’s event to hear from David Atkinson (Four Pillars) and Thursday’s to hear from Linda Chuan (Salesforce). Click on the title of each webinar below to view the full description and register.

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Supplier Relationship and Value Management: The Five Programme Killers and How to Overcome Them (BravoSolution, Four Pillars)

July 25th, 2pm ET

In this webinar, David Atkinson, MD (Four Pillars) will share the five questions that they say will make the difference between failure and success in supplier relationships. Whether you use the frameworks described in this webinar or something else, supplier relationships do not just happen. If procurement wants to build them, and reap all of the promised rewards, we need to be prepared to put structure in place and invest in purpose-driven efforts.


Why Risk Monitoring Matters: A Practical Guide for Increasing Visibility to Potential Risks (ISM, Lexis Nexis)

July 26th, 1pm ET

As I stated above, this is not a new topic. And if you aren’t sure whether risk monitoring matters… well, maybe a career in procurement and supply chain is not for you. The reason I am recommending this webinar comes down to one point in the description, a promise to hear about “The Evolving Landscape of Third-Party Due Diligence.” With the abundance of free and low-cost sources of intelligence available today, Lexis Nexis is in a position where they have to continually advance their offering in order to justify the investment. I am very interested in hearing what they see on the horizon of that ‘evolving landscape.’


Making the Case for Digital Transformation (Coupa, ProcureCon)

July 27th, 1pm ET

This webinar will bring together a mix of procurement and IT professionals to talk about the benefits and challenges of starting a digital transformation initiative. Although it is not mentioned in the event description, there are some compelling details in the brief bio given for Linda Chuan, Salesforce’s Senior Director of Global Corporate Services & Strategic Sources. It states that she “is best known for being a pioneer, advocate and co-champion of ‘CRM for the Buy-Side.’” If nothing else, we can expect her to bring an open-minded view to the topic of digital transformation.





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